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Thank You Card

Thank You Card

Wording Set : 1
Please accept our sincere thanks
for the lovely gift.

Both the thought and the gift
made us very happy.

Thanks again,
Wording Set : 2
This brings sincere thanks
for the lovely gift you sent.

We hope it helps to tell you
just how much it meant.

It's beautiful and we love it!!!!!

Thanks again,
Wording Set : 3
Your presence at our wedding has added
so much love to special our day.

Your gift has brought us joy and will help us
build our life together.

Thank You,
Wording Set : 4
You have truly enriched our happiness 
with your lovely gift.
Thank you for giving us a lasting memory
of your kindness and generosity.

Wording Set : 5
Thank you for being a part of our wedding celebration,
and for the very generous gift. We hope 
you enjoyed our special day 
as much as we did.

Lots of Love,
Wording Set : 6
Your presence and best wishes added to the happy memories
of our wedding day. Your company and generosity 
mean more to us than we can express.

We hope you had a wonderful & memorable day.

With Sincere Thanks
Wording Set : 7
It's beautiful and we love it!!!!!

How thoughtful of you to give 
(Spouse) and me such a lovely treasure.

We both thank you from the
bottom of our hearts!
Love and kisses,
Wording Set : 8
I couldn't wait to tell you how

lovely your gift is.

I will think of you each time I use it.

Thank you so very much.

Yours truly,
Wording Set : 9
You brought joy to our day
warmth to our lives
and happiness to our hearts.

Thank you for your thoughtful gift!
Thanks again,
Wording Set : 10
Thank you for being part of our special day.

Your blessing and good wishes are sincerely treasured.

Wording Set : 11
We thank you

for your thoughtfulness

and the wedding gift

Please accept our sincere

Thanks for the lovely gift.

Wording Set : 12
Thank You
for being a part of our joy
in such a special way.

Lots of Love,
Wording Set : 13
We would both like to thank you for making
our day so special. We appreciate your 
support and best wishes.
It really was such an
amazing day.

Thanks again,
Wording Set : 14
Our heartful Thanks for your kind wishes
and adding to the lovely memories
of our wedding day.

Wording Set : 15
Your generosity and thoughtfulness
were very much appreciated.
One, thank you for the gift,
and another for the thought.

A dozen thank you's
couldn't tell you all the
happiness they brought!

Lots of Love,
Wording Set : 16
We are sincerely grateful for the blessings
you have brought into our lives.
Thank You for sharing 
in our celebration.

Wording Set : 17
Both the thought and the gift
made us very happy!
Thank you for joining us
as we begin our new life together.
Thank You,

Wording Set : 18
Thank you for sharing our happiness on our
special day. Your wishes will be with us 
as we begin our new life together.

Yours truly,
Wording Set : 19
With sincere appreciation,
we both send thanks to you
for your very lovely gift
and for your thoughtful wishes, too.

Wording Set : 20
Thank you so much for the gift. 
I really am glad you could make it
to my party. That was the real gift.
Looking forward to seeing you again.

Wording Set : 21
Dear Guest,
Thank you very much for joining me on my special day 
and for the wonderful gift. I hope you had as much
fun as I did. Thank you very much again for
making my day as perfect as it was.

Lots of Love,

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